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You’re Never Too Young for Life Insurance

If you fall into the “Millennial” generation (born between 1980 and 1995), than you are probably still in what most would consider the early stages of getting your life together: buying your first home, starting a family, and so on. With all of those more immediate concerns on your plate, one very important thing might not be making your list yet: life insurance.

While life insurance is not always a priority for younger people, it should be. It is a smart step to take towards being prepared for any eventuality, and it will set you up for a lifetime of responsible decisions. So what are some of the biggest benefits of getting started now with a life insurance policy? Read on to find out!

Life Insurance for MillennialsLife Insurance is more affordable at this stage

The way the premium of a life insurance policy is calculated is by taking into account several factors, your age being an important one. The lower your age, the lower your premium will most likely be. Another thing that keeps costs down? You may be considered more “insurable” now when you have no diagnosed health conditions, rather than later down the line when a health condition might make extra coverage necessary. Securing your policy at an early age may seem like a premature move, but it actually means you’re making a solid investment in your future.

Life Insurance covers you when your job won’t

Even if you have a job with excellent benefits, there are factors that could disrupt your coverage. If you become sick while working and it affects you to the point where you can no longer work as usual, most company policies can drop your coverage altogether. And, as we established before, securing a life insurance policy when you are already ill can be challenging. A company-issued insurance policy may also not provide your family with the protection they need, while one you develop with your life insurance provider can encompass all of your top priorities at once.

Looking for someone to discuss your life insurance options with? We’re here to help. At Wachter Insurance, we’ll sit down with you and help you to personalize your life insurance policy so that it works best for you and your needs. Please call us at 301.371.6335, visit our website, or drop by our Middletown, Maryland office to schedule your personal and informative appointment.


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