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Winter Emergency Supplies Every Driver Should Have in Their Car

Winter Emergency Supplies

Make sure your vehicle is adequately stocked with winter emergency supplies.

Winter has some of the nastiest weather, but also some of the biggest holidays that involve traveling long distances! Keeping your car and family safe while traveling is incredibly important, so here are some of the winter emergency supplies that you should have in your car whether you’re with others or alone.

For Yourself

Make sure to include all of the following in your winter emergency supplies:

  • An extra blanket in case you cannot get out of your car and are briefly stuck
  • An extra pair of gloves and a winter hat in your winter emergency supplies stash. Many times, these items get left behind at home or misplaced and you are stuck clearing out snow from your windshield wipers with bare hands. Make sure that you replace these as you use them since you probably will pull these out a few times over the course of the winter.
  • A couple non-perishable snacks and a small case of water in case you get stuck for an extended period of time
  • A rechargeable battery pack and charging cable for your phone in case your phone dies at the worst possible moment

For Your Car

Pack the following in your car as part of your winter emergency supplies kit:

  • A brush with an extendable handle that can reach the roof of your car easily
  • Ice scrapers (it helps to have a small one for detailed areas like side mirrors and a large one for your front and back windshields)
  • An extra gallon of windshield washer fluid that is designed to work in even the coldest temperatures
  • A small shovel that you can use to clear out now or help to dig out another unlucky motorist
  • Jumper cables (these should be in your car all the time, not just during the winter!)
  • Flares (these should also be in your car every day, and make sure that you know how to safely use them)

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