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Tips for Safe Winter Driving

Here are some tips to have safe travels on the road this winter.

In addition to all of the stress that can come with this season, you might run into a lot of traffic. That, combined with the winter weather, can quickly create hazardous conditions. Here are some tips to have safe travels on the road this winter.

Preparation is Key

When you are getting ready to travel on the road, it’s important to have what you need for a safe trip. Make sure that you have a set of emergency supplies packed in case you get caught in the snow, including backup fuel for longer trips. Having a backup shovel and ice scraper to start will help prevent you from getting stranded in the snow. 

Take Care of Your Vehicle

The best way to keep safe on the road is to make sure that your vehicle is suitable to drive in rough conditions. Keep up to date on your maintenance checks so that your car will stay in great condition. Also, there are certain changes to your vehicle that you might need to make for bad winter weather, such as getting snow tires.

Clear off Snow

When heavy snow falls, sometimes it can be a pain to clear off your car, especially when you have places to go. People in a rush will sometimes clean just the windows of the car and neglect the roof, but this is a bad idea. Driving with snow on top of your car is dangerous for you and other drivers. The snow can slide down the windshield and block your vision, or fly off into the windshields of drivers behind you.

Pulling Over Safely

If you do have to pull over for some reason, then you should give yourself enough time to pull over safely. Make sure that you signal far in advance so that you can gradually change lanes. Pulling over too sharply can make you swerve off the road in slippery conditions. Once you are pulled over, you should stay in your car. It can get cold outside, and it’s dangerous to be exposed on the side of the road. Let your car run enough to keep it warm on the inside; then, you should turn your engine off to save gas and prevent carbon monoxide from coming into your vehicle. 

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