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Tips for Locating a Life Insurance Policy

Have you lost your life insurance policy papers? It doesn’t have to be a catastrophe. One in six hundred people will benefit from a policy that goes missing. This problem is bound to happen, but happily, all is not lost. Just follow these tips, and you should be able to locate it.

Tips for Locating a  Life Insurance Policy
Have you lost your life insurance policy papers?

Search the House

The first step in finding a life insurance policy that you can’t find is to search around the entire house. Perhaps you moved it after taking it out of an important papers binder and failed to put it back when you were done with it. Look in file folders, safe deposit boxes, and in the residential safes, you have in your home, if you have any. Those are good places to start before you begin to look around in the rest of the house.

Think About Providers

Take a moment to think about your life insurance providers. Did you purchase it through an insurance agent? If so, who was it, and what company did they belong to when you bought it? These are important questions for narrowing down which policy you need to find and make copies of, especially if you tend to keep older, more outdated policies along with newer ones. The more information you have on hand when you call your insurance provider, the better.

Search Online

Our next suggestion is to search on the Internet. Online sources can reveal what you might not remember otherwise. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners or NAIC maintains a website that you can use free of charge. This website allows you to search for the names of different companies. Searching for a particular carrier is even more useful when you are named the executor of an estate, or you think you might be a beneficiary but have yet to be notified of that fact.

Avoid Scammers

Finally, do everything you can to avoid insurance scams and thieves from taking advantage of you. Your life insurance policy is one of the most important documents you will ever sign. If you didn’t know that you were entitled to previously-untouched funds, then it’s probably a scheme. What you should instead do is call your insurance provider to make sure that the offer is legitimate before proceeding.

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