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Three Things to Consider Covering with Insurance

In most cases, your home or renter’s insurance policy will cover any damages of the building. However, there could be other valuable things in your house that you might not have realized aren’t covered by your insurance policy. Here are a few things you should consider adding to your insurance.


Many people take electronics like computers and television for granted as being commonplace and not worth insuring. But these items are one of the top targets for theft and, at the end of the day, they’re still some of your most significant purchases. For computers, you should always check if you already have them covered in your homeowner’s agreement, or by your business’s insurance policy if it is a work computer.

Art and Heirlooms

Many people have sentimental belongings that have been passed down through the family for generations. And, unless you’ve had these items appraised, you might not know just how valuable they are. If you have found that your family heirloom has historical significance, then it should be worth insuring in case of a fire, flood or theft. For the same reason, you should also have any of your art pieces insured if you know that they are worth a large sum of money. These things are irreplaceable and as devastating as it would be to lose them your insurance will at least recover their financial value.

Watches and Jewelry

Especially in the case of theft, you should also have valuables such as jewelry and expensive watches insured. Many policies already offer some protection for these types of valuables, but it is rarely enough on its own. You should always check your insurance policy whenever you make a big investment in a valuable piece of jewelry, and be ready to update your policy as needed.

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