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Things to Consider about House Sitters

Here are a few important considerations when it comes to house sitters.

There are many hazards that come with the holidays, especially when you are leaving your house unattended for several days. Many homeowners choose to enlist the help of a house sitter to keep an eye on their homes. But there are a few important considerations when it comes to house sitters.

How Necessary are House Sitters?

Leaving on vacation can be a lot less stressful when you know you have a house sitter to make sure nothing goes wrong at home. A house sitter can detect problems in your house and nip them in the bud before they turn into a nasty surprise that can bump up your insurance rates. Imagine what would happen if you had a gas leak, flooding basement, or power outage spoiling all the food in your refrigerator, and it was left unchecked for days or weeks. But when it comes to protecting your home from theft and vandalism, you might be wondering if a house sitter will be that effective. Even if you already have a security system, a house sitter can further deter the bad intentions of intruders. During the holidays, most burglars are looking for the easy targets of houses that are abandoned for the weekend. If they see your house sitter, then they’ll be much more likely to avoid your home.

Getting the Right House Sitter

Sometimes, it’s easy to find a friend or family member to watch your house for a couple of days. But if that isn’t an option for you can easily look up many trusted services online. Also, if your friends or family aren’t available, it doesn’t hurt to ask them for any recommendations they might have for a good house sitter. The next important step that many people overlook is properly preparing your house sitter first. Show them around your house and point out any important things like where to shut off the water, gas, and electricity in an emergency. Especially if you’re asking a friend, as opposed to hiring a professional, it will be good to let them stay over one night before you have to leave. It can go a long way to making life easier for both of you because your house sitter won’t have to bother calling you with questions during your vacation.

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