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The Importance of a Home Inspector

Here are some reasons why a home inspector is important.

When you are preparing to sell your house, a crucial step in the process is to call a home inspector to come to conduct an inspection. Not only is a home inspection required before you can put your house on the market, but it will be very beneficial in making sure that your house is safe and up to all building code standards. Here are some reasons why a home inspector is important.

Checking for Hazards

The primary goal of a home inspector is to make sure that every component of the house is safe. To do this, the inspector will be checking the most common areas for hazards. A home inspector will make sure that the plumbing and electrical are working properly by seeing to it that there are no signs of shorts in the wires or leaky pipes. Electrical fires and floods are two of the most common home disasters. Additionally, a home inspector will make sure that there are no gas leaks and that there are smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that work properly.

Testing Energy Efficiency

Another task of home inspectors is to see that your home is insulated properly and energy-efficient. They will inspect each of the bedrooms and make sure that the doors and windows are in good condition. In some cases, a home inspector may also like to see the air vents as well. A poorly-insulated home will not only waste energy, but it could create an uncomfortable environment for future homeowners.

Quality Control

In general, a home inspector will also look at the overall quality of the construction of your home. They will commonly check the paint, floors, ceilings, cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms, as well as the staircase and banister for signs of damage. A home inspection is required for selling a home, but it is also valuable for insurance reasons as well. You want to make sure that your house does not pose any hazards that could endanger the health of buyers and put you at risk financially.

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