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Swimming Pool Safety and Home Insurance

Here are some things to consider about swimming pool safety.

With regards to home insurance, you’ll need to be certain you consider all aspects of your property. In particular, the safety of your swimming pool not only could influence your homeowner’s insurance, but it is a critical matter of protecting those on your property. Here are some things to consider about swimming pool safety.

Getting a Fence

The principal security measure you can take is to set up another fence around your pool. Contingent upon whether you own or lease your home, doing this could be a bit complicated, particularly when bringing home insurance into account. For instance, when you own the home, you should counsel the HOA and secure a permit to construct a fence, whereas a renter will be limited by your management company’s regulations in the lease agreement.

Other Precautions

A fence is a decent beginning, but there are still different approaches to limit access to the pool. When not in use, remove any ladders, pool toys, or other things you would, for the most part, have when playing in the pool. You can likewise put a pool cover over the top, which can help keep it clean and limit the odds of your children or pets falling in. Accidents will influence your homeowners insurance rates, and more importantly, could be dangerous or tragic for your family.

Supervise the Area

Just like a public pool has a lifeguard, you should always have someone keeping an eye on people who are in or around the pool. Even if the people swimming aren’t children, it never hurts to have a designated sunbather off to the side who can occasionally look up and make sure everyone is okay. A small precaution like this can go a long way toward preventing an unexpected accident from turning into a dangerous situation.

Stay Prepared

Even a little pre-planning can go far. Inexperienced swimmers should wear life vests or other floatation equipment. Make sure that you have safety equipment, like rings and snares, that are in good condition. Ensure everybody knows the rules of your pool, and you can even write them out and put them outside.

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