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Summertime’s Most Common Targets for Theft

The following is a short compilation of the most commonly stolen items in the summer and what you can do to protect them.

Summer is a popular time for burglaries for several reasons. With the warmer weather, often people aren’t as careful about making sure they don’t leave their belongings outside. And since all thieves are opportunists first, summer is the time for making easy hits. The following is a short compilation of the most commonly stolen items in the summer and what you can do to protect them.

On Your Property

The most common places that get burglarized in the summer are empty houses, whether it is an unused vacation home or your own house while you are away on a summer trip. A good short-term solution is to get a house sitter to take care of your home while you are away. But if you have a vacation home, then you should consider investing in more serious forms of security, like video surveillance and an alarm system. There are also some unexpected items on your property that thieves like to target. Air conditioning units and pool pumps are somewhat heavy appliances, but because they are located outside, they are relatively easy for someone with the right tools to steal. Make sure that you fence off these items if not your entire property.

Your Vehicle

For several reasons, your car could become the target of an easy robbery. Most people who wouldn’t otherwise try to steal a car are more likely to in the summer because of the warmer nights make the best cover for an easy getaway. So don’t make it easy for them and always lock up your car. Another thing to keep in mind is what items inside your vehicle are worth stealing. If you can’t store your car in a garage or if you are parked at a game or concert venue for a long time, lock your garage door opener, toll pass and any other type of key (except for your car keys, of course) in your glove compartment or hidden out of sight. Even better, you should try to keep these things with you at all times.  It’s scary enough to have your car stolen, but you don’t want to give a thief the opportunity to rob your house as well.


Speaking of garage openers, thieves will also target sheds and garages in the summer because that is where people keep their expensive power tools, bicycles, and sporting equipment. It’s best not to leave anything valuable outside when you aren’t using it because that might encourage a thief to not only steal it but to come back and see what else they can find when they break in. Make sure you have a solid lock for your garage and shed and store whatever you can inside.

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