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How to Stay Safe in Work Zones

work zones

Remember to slow down and be cautious in work zones, not only for the workers safety, but for your own safety, too.

As the weather has gotten nicer, you’ve probably noticed a lot more road construction. It can be annoying when you’re slowed down on your way to work, but it’s important that you practice safe driving habits when passing work zones. Driving slowly and paying close attention to signs can mean the difference in getting through the work zone safely and accidentally rear-ending the car in front of you. Here are some tips for getting yourself through a work zone safely.

Check Ahead for Delays

The best way to get through a work zone is to avoid it completely. Before you head out in the morning or head home at night, take a moment to check the roads for slowdowns. You can do this by tuning into the radio or checking your GPS app on your phone.

Reduce Distractions

It’s okay to listen to your tunes on your way to work. However, when passing through work zones, it’s a good idea to turn down the music so you can focus on the road. You need to be able to be aware of construction vehicles and workers who may be directing traffic.

Merge Immediately

Many drivers who are in a hurry attempt to drive as far in their lane as possible in order to get in front of other cars. However, this practice makes driving through work zones more stressful for all the other drivers and makes traffic flow less smoothly. Merge as soon as you have the opportunity; you’ll work your way out of the work zone soon enough.

Leave Extra Room Between Vehicles

Just as you want to leave extra room between vehicles during inclement weather, you want to do the same when driving through work zones. The reason for this is so you’ll have more time to react if the person in front of your should suddenly stop. Sudden stops are frequent when passing work zones, so it’s important to give yourself room to react.

Never Pass on the Shoulder or Median

Aside from being illegal, this kind of reckless driving puts workers in danger. Road workers’ work zones are not very spacious. If a worker is standing in an area where they’re not expecting a car to be, they could get hit by cars trying to jump past all the traffic. It’s best to simply stay in your lane and wait to get past the work zone.

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