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How to Spot a Dangerous Tree

dangerous tree

If a tree’s roots are near the surface of the ground, it can affect the stability of the whole tree.

That’s right, trees can be dangerous. Especially with winter almost here, you want to make sure that you don’t have any damaged trees near your car or home. During the winter, heavy snowfall can burden weak tree branches enough that they will break and damage whatever is underneath. High winds, heavy rain, and hail are also dangers to your tree’s branches. Make sure your family and property are protected by inspecting your trees before winter comes.


It’s easy to think of trees as solid, unchanging objects, but since they are living organisms they are just as susceptible to disease as we are. A diseased tree is weakened and can even die, so it’s a good idea to know what to look for to catch a disease before it becomes irreparable. There are three places you can check your trees to make sure that they are disease-free.

  • Roots. Check the roots of your tree for any suspicious growths, open cavities, or gashes. These are all indicators of a disease. You can also check to see if the roots are near the surface of the soil when they weren’t before. This can be an indicator of waterlogged roots, and a simple drainage solution should help the roots return back underground. If a drainage solution doesn’t help, then your tree is most likely diseased or dying, and it’s best to call a professional.
  • Trunk. If your tree consists of multiple trunk unions, your tree’s health can be affected. Weak trunk unions can be detected by spotting cracks or decay at the base of the trunk.
  • Leaves. Weak tree branches will often die separately from the tree, leaving a cluster of brown leaves. To protect your home and your family from falling branches, check for branches with dead leaves and branches that have already become dislodged but are being held up by the other live branches.


If you notice lots of insects—like ants or beetles—that are living on your tree you may want to call an exterminator or tree specialist. While ants and beetles are not bad for the tree themselves, the constant digging and burrowing can weaken your tree’s foundation.

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