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September is Life Insurance Awareness Month

life insuranceLife insurance is one coverage that isn’t required, unlike car insurance and homeowner’s insurance. Even though it’s optional, it is just as (if not more) useful as other types of insurance. It’s a tough one to talk about sometimes, because no one ever wants to consider passing away and leaving family and friends behind. It’s crucial to have that discussion and figure out your options so that you can leave those friends and family in a good place when you do go. There are many options for life insurance policies, so you should always sit down with your insurance representative and discuss all of them before making any decisions. The following are a few mistakes that people make when looking into life insurance.

What Not to Do With Life Insurance

  • Don’t overlook life insurance. You never know what’s going to happen and it’s very important to remember that your death will impact someone financially. Knowing when to purchase life insurance is also important. The earlier you purchase it, the less of a burden it will be on you as you get older. You can usually purchase life insurance for a much lower rate when you’re young and whole than when you get a little bit older – plus, you may also be able to lock in that rate for life.
  • Don’t guess how much life insurance you need. Always sit down with an insurance agent and discuss all angles. You’ll have to consider your average salary per year, burial costs, and more. Deciding exactly how much you want your insurance policy to cover isn’t a light matter. There are also different types of life insurance. You want to be sure that you understand exactly what you need and what you’re getting.
  • Don’t settle for anything less than the best. The company you work for may offer life insurance benefits. While this isn’t’ a bad place to start, it’s always a good idea to see what else is available to supplement what your employer offers. You should also consider more than just term life insurance. It’s a great benefit to start off with, but whole life insurance may be more valuable to you over time.

Life Insurance in Frederick

Looking for someone to discuss your life insurance options with? We’re here to help. At Wachter Insurance, we’ll sit down with you and help you to personalize your life insurance policy so it suits you. We know it can be a tough subject to discuss. You will never be met with anything less than honesty and understanding at Wachter Insurance. Please call us at 301.371.6335, visit our website, or drop by our Middletown, Maryland office to schedule your personal and informative appointment.

Source: Huffington Post

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