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Protect Your Vehicle Against Car Theft

Car theft

You can prevent car theft by taking the necessary precautions with your vehicle.

Buying and maintaining a car can be an expensive process. The last thing that you want is to put time and effort into your car, just to have it be stolen. Car and motorcycle thefts are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s world. A typical car theft will occur in an urban area, but is also not uncommon for those of you living in suburban and rural areas. Everyone needs to make sure to be as smart as possible with your car to ensure its safety. Keep on reading if you want to learn how you can best protect yourself against car theft.

Lock the Doors

Yes, this might seem completely obvious. But, it is not uncommon for people to forget or just not bother to lock the doors as they walk away from their parked car. Locking the doors is the first line of defense against car theft. If a thief is trying to decide which car on the street they want to steal, the easiest and most obvious choice is going to be the one with the door already unlocked. Another way to prevent a break-in is to put the car in a garage.

Hide Your Valuables

Leaving your valuables in plain sight is another common mistake that leads to car theft. If someone sees your purse, laptop, or GPS in the front seat, the likelihood of them breaking in skyrockets. When deciding which car to steal out of a parking lot full of options, the thief is undoubtedly going to take one that has a little bit of a bonus, too. You should also try parking in a safer area to protect against car theft. Even if you have to walk a few more blocks to your destination, ensuring that your car is safe is worth a bit of extra time.

If They Can’t Drive it, They Can’t Take it

A car heist is devastating because the thief can take the car and drive it wherever they please. Often times, victims of car theft will never see their vehicle again. But, if a burglar can not drive your car, they clearly can’t steal it. There are two main ways to prevent the hijacker from driving off in your ride. The first is to drive a manual car. Most people in America have no idea how to drive a stick-shift. All you have to do is hope that this singular thief is part of the majority of America. The next way to prevent anyone from driving your car is a bit extreme, but fool proof; take the steering wheel out. While you may look silly walking down the street with a steering wheel, if you are seriously worried about someone stealing your car, this is your best shot at protecting yourself. Unless the burglar brings their own steering wheel to the scene (which is highly unlikely), your car will stay parked safely where you left it.


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