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Prevent Identity Theft With These Tips

Technology has made it easier than ever for identity theft to happen. But fortunately, you can learn some ways to protect yourself from having your identity stolen. Here are some tips to help you prevent identity theft.

Internet Safety

Between social media and online shopping, you might be putting out more information about yourself than you realize. The first way to protect yourself is to make sure that all of your passwords are secure, and you can do that by updating them regularly. You should always avoid having the same password for multiple accounts, because if someone discovers that password then they’ll have access to a lot of your information. Likewise, you should always be cautious about how much you share online. In social media you should never volunteer information that a hacker could use to get into your bank account, such as your birthdate or mother’s maiden name. Another thing that many people don’t think about is using a secure wifi connection. Don’t login on sensitive sites, like your online banking if you are on public wifi, because it is surprisingly easy for hackers to track your activity.

Property Theft

Even with internet security, there is still the old-school version of identity theft, which begins with property theft. If someone steals your purse or wallet, then that could give them everything they need to steal your identity. Many people keep their licence, ID, credit card, health care cards, and even their social security cards in their wallet is some cases. The best thing to do is to lock away important documents, like a social security card, in a safe if you don’t need them for everyday use, and you should have a paper shredder in your home to dispose of any bank letters and bills. When you are out, make sure that no one is looking over your shoulder when you enter your pin number at the ATM or cashier. You can also invest in a wallet that protects your credit cards from being scanned by hackers. 

Identity Recovery Insurance

Many people might now know that most homeowners insurance policies have the option to get additional coverage for identity theft. With identity recovery insurance, you will be covered for any expenses in resolving your identity theft case, such as credit card bills. You also won’t need to worry about the cost of services in recovering your stolen identity as well. Prevention is the best cure for identity theft, but having insurance just in case will give you peace of mind.

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