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Motorcycle Insurance and Safety Tips for Every Season

motorcycle insurance

The safer you ride, the better it will be for your motorcycle insurance policy. Here are some safety tips to follow for every season.

Before hitting the road on your motorcycle this summer, consider how to ride as safely as possible. Summer, spring, fall, and winter all have different weather challenges. The safer you ride, the better it will be for your motorcycle insurance policy. Here are some safety tips to follow for every season.


First off, let’s discuss safety tips for riding in the summer. You may notice that due to the rising temperatures, your motorcycle’s tires find a better grip on the road. This is due to rubber softening in the heat. That said, although you might feel safer on your bike, that’s not the only consideration you should have. Be sure to protect yourself from both the sun and possible dehydration. Whatever clothes you wear to ride, make sure they can breathe and reduce the chances of you overheating. In the most severe circumstances, you might even want to add a layer of light, damp clothing. This layer will dry off as you ride but will keep you cool along the way.


Roads can be unpredictable and slippery in the spring. The cold weather turning warmer means you can expect more rain. To prevent injuries and accidents, you should be familiar with your route, be prepared for slick roads, and as always, dress properly for any weather conditions you may encounter. Roads are the most slippery during the first few minutes of a rainstorm. If you’re caught in the rain, pull over and wait for the rain to end. Lower your speed, and don’t lean into turns too heavily. Waterproof rain gear is a good idea too.


In the fall, be prepared for frequent rainfalls. When the summer ends, the air cools, and leaves fall. To prepare, keep waterproof rain gear with you, either in a bag that you carry or in a storage space on your motorcycle. Pack goggles to help increase visibility, as well. Visibility is important both for the road ahead and for what’s on the surface. Leaves can hide potholes or other flaws in the pavement. Hitting these could cause you to lose control of your motorcycle. Losing control can lead to accidents that will increase your motorcycle insurance rates.

Damp leaves can also make the road even more slippery than it will already be from the rain. Thus, it’s important to be mindful of that possibility, too. Slow down, and stay aware of your surroundings in order to ride more safely in rainy, slick conditions.


Winter weather presents the most challenging conditions for even the most dedicated motorcyclist. Heavy snows, high winds, ice buildups, and freezing temperatures are not the most pleasant backdrops for a leisurely cruise. But before hitting the road, check on the condition of your tires. You can use the so-called penny test, where you take a penny and compare it with the remaining treads on your tires. If the head on the penny is blocked, you’ve got enough tread. If you can see the head, you’ll need new tires. Replace tires that are more than six years old. And be sure to wear plenty of warm clothing such as gloves and balaclavas. You can even consider upgrading your motorcycle with seat warmers, grip warmers, and seat warmers.

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