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Learn How to Prevent a Power Surge in Your Home

Read on for some key information about preventing a dangerous power surge.

Most people in America rely heavily on the electronics in their homes to keep life running smoothly. From appliances to work computers and game systems for entertainment, anything that runs on electricity is likely valuable and expensive. For this reason, it’s important to know how to protect them, especially from power surges. With the right information, you can protect your electronics from damage. Read on for some key information about preventing a dangerous power surge.

What is a Power Surge?

The basic definition of a power surge is a sudden rise in the electrical current inside a home. This can happen from a direct lightning strike, but that is extremely rare. More common causes of power surges are fallen power lines, an energy spike from an industrial building nearby, or home appliances powering up. The power surge can last only a few microseconds, but that is enough to cause damage to many home electronics.

Be Careful of Your Wiring

The first way to address the threat of power surges is by protecting your entire house. You can invest in a home suppressor, which is designed to control the energy consumption of larger appliances that could cause a power surge. When connected to the right service panel, a suppressor will detect unsafe rises in energy and shut off the source or reroute it to a ground wire. It’s best to consult an electrician before installing a suppressor. Another thing you can do to protect your home is to check that none of your outlets are overloaded. Too many things plugged into the same outlet can cause power surges and create a fire hazard.

Protect Your Electronics

We all have valuable electronics, such as computers and cell phones, that we don’t want ruined by a power surge. Fortunately, you can protect them by plugging them into a surge station or using power strips with surge protectors. Additionally, you should consider covering valuable electronics with your home insurance.

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