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Keep Gifts Safe after Holiday Shopping

Keep Expensive Gifts Safe

Both givers and receivers of expensive gifts have to take precautions to keep their assets safe.

By now, you may have made some big purchases to give as gifts to your loved ones this holiday season. It’s easy to get swept up in the flurry of holiday excitement. It’s important to be a responsible gift giver and receiver of big-ticket items like jewelry, electronics, cars, family heirlooms, or other valuables.  Make sure that you are safe during the holiday season and long after.

Appraise your Items

Saving receipts is essential when purchasing expensive holiday gifts, but what happens if you are giving an older gift that doesn’t have a receipt? Family jewelry can be very precious, both sentimentally as well as financially. Before giving your gift, it’s wise to take it to an appraiser to find out its worth. That way, if the jewelry is stolen by a thief or if you need to make a home inventory, you will be able to properly account for it in an insurance claim.

Check your Insurance Coverage

After receiving an expensive gift, call your insurance representative to find out if it is covered by your insurance. Of course, if you receive a vehicle as a gift, make sure to get car insurance before taking it out on the road for a spin!

Secure your Gifts

No one wants their gifts to be discovered before Christmas day, but especially by a thief. Make sure that your expensive gifts are safe by storing them in a secure location. You may want to invest in a small safe to keep expensive jewelry or other small items. Better yet, make sure that your home is equipped with a home security system. Oftentimes, just having a sign in your yard from the security company is enough to dissuade potential thieves.

Wachter Insurance

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