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Insurance Considerations for Wedding Planning

Here are some tips to help you make the right insurance choices for your wedding.

Wedding season may be a couple of months away, but if you are getting married this year, then you probably have had a lot of planning to do already. It’s good to take everything you can into consideration when you are preparing for a future with the love of your life, and that can include protecting them and yourself with proper insurance coverage. Here are some tips to help you make the right insurance choices for your wedding.

Inventory Your Belongings

Merging two lives always involves combining assets, and it’s important to keep track of what belongings you and your spouse-to-be will need to have insured. Wedding rings are obvious valuables, but you should also consider the belongings in your household, whether you currently live together or plan to invest in a new home after you’re married. 

Meet an Insurance Agent

Really, the best way to track what you as a couple need insuring is to talk to an insurance agent. Your insurance agent is experienced in a number of lifestyles and how they will affect insurance coverage, as well as the appropriate insurance policies needed. You can bring an insurance agent all of your questions to make sure that you don’t’ have any gaps in your coverage.

Wedding Insurance

You should also keep in mind what insurance concerns you will need for the wedding itself. Most importantly, think of your liability around serving alcohol at your reception. Many people don’t consider the impact of alcohol on an insurance level, but it would be truly terrible for someone at your reception to get into a drunk-driving accident that you would be liable for. You should discuss the policies with the venue and be sure that they provide a bartender that knows when to cut someone off before they exceed the legal limit. Then the bartender will be held liable, and you won’t have that worry ruining your wedding celebration.

Get in Touch with Wachter Insurance

Whether you need renters insurance, business insurance, homeowners’ insurance or auto insurance, our team at Wachter Insurance Agency, Inc. is here to help. We give our clients competitive rates, professional customer service, and a vast range of policies to choose from for your needs. We have been serving Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia since 1969 and we would love to help keep your home and family safe every day of the year. For more information, call us at (301) 371-6335 or visit us online. For more blogs like these, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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