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Important Safety Checks for Your Backyard Deck

Here are some ways to make sure that your deck is safe.

Having a deck in your backyard is perfect for passing lazy summer afternoons with a lawn chair and a cold drink. And making sure that your homeowner’s insurance is taken care of will help you rest easier. In addition to insurance, having the right safety measures on your deck will help prevent accidents. Here are some ways to make sure that your deck is safe.


For wooden decks, the first thing you should check is to make sure that the floorboards are in good condition. Over the years, weather and temperature changes can make the wood in your deck warp or even rot. And having floorboards on your deck that are loose, sticking up, or could possibly break is dangerous and could make you trip and injury yourself. If you find any old boards, it’s best to replace them right away.


An easily overlooked area of the deck is the railing. You should first of all make sure that you have railing on all of your steps and especially around the deck itself if it is raised off of the ground. But if you already have handrails, then you should check that the nails holding them in have loosened. Having secure handrails is critical for many people who rely on them to get safely up and down the stairs. Even if you yourself don’t think a slight wobble to the railing is that bad, you need to get it fixed or replaced to prevent a future mishap.


In addition to handrails, it’s important to make sure that the actual stairs on your deck are safe and sturdy. They can be affected by the outdoor elements as much as the floor of your deck, or even worse because they have many joints that are added points of failure. Make sure to have your stairs inspected every season, and get a professional to make repairs where needed. You definitely want to avoid a terrible fall down the stairs.


Lastly, one place that goes overlooked for years is the deck’s support structure. As you can imagine, if you miss a problem here then it can potentially ruin your entire deck. You’ll want to make sure that your deck supports get inspected for rot, termites, and anything else that could threaten the structural integrity such as rusty bolts. When you know that your deck is solid and safe then it can help you to enjoy it much more.

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