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How to Stay Safe on the Road this Fall

It’s official: fall is here. With the new weather comes new responsibilities as an insurance owner. Perhaps you’re tasked with winterizing your boat or various tasks around your home before the first frost. But as a beneficiary of auto insurance, you might want to consider some driving safety tips as well. Here are some things to be aware of so you can keep yourself safe on the roads this fall.

How to Stay Safe on the Road This Fall

It’s official: fall is here. Here are some tips to help you stay safe on the road as the weather gets cooler.


You may have heard flocks of geese or other migratory birds passing overhead on their way to warmer clients. This flurry of activity extends to other realms of the animal kingdom as well. Don’t be surprised if you start noticing a lot more animal activity in general. Some of this can pose greater risks to drivers than squirrels frantically storing up nuts for fall—most significantly, deer.

Deer tend to be far more active during the fall as they gear up for mating season. These can be a significant threat to the safety of drivers. Driving down country roads at night, make sure to keep your brights on when possible. These can go a long way toward helping you spot deer before it’s too late. It’s always a good idea to reduce speed if you’re in an area where there are likely to be deer. In some parts of the state, you should be on the lookout for black bears as well.

Longer Nights

Everyone knows that the days get shorter and the nights get longer as winter approaches. As a driver, you should keep in mind how this could impact your safety on the road. As for the obvious, longer nights means that you will be driving more often in darkness, which can imperil your safety. If you’re doing any road trips, don’t be surprised if these longer nights make you feel sleepier behind the wheel. Highway hypnosis is no joke, and you should to everything you can to stay alert behind the wheel. Don’t rely too much on caffeine. Instead, focus on sleeping longer hours and keeping yourself entertained.


Maryland weather can be notoriously unpredictable. You might be inclined to think that you don’t have to worry about ice forming on the roads prior to winter. But it pays to keep a close eye on the weather forecast, as temperatures almost certainly going to dip below freezing within the next couple months. You should also keep in mind that ice forms more quickly on bridges and overpasses. And remember that just because you can’t see ice doesn’t mean there isn’t any. Black ice can be nearly impossible to spot before it is too late.

Remember: auto insurance is not a preventative measure. The first line of defense is you.

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