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How to Protect Your Car without a Garage

Here are some ways to protect your car outside of a garage.

Although garages are designed to be a place to store and protect cars from the weather, theft and more, many people either don’t have a garage or can’t access it for several reasons. Whether you lack a garage or it’s simply cluttered at the moment, you don’t have to leave your car at risk. Here are some ways to protect your car outside of a garage.

Where to Park

Sometimes, you can find a lot better places to park than right in front of your home or building as long as you’re alright with walking a little. If you live in an urban area, then you should look for well-lit and high-traffic areas that will discourage theft. Another good place to park is in areas that have a lot of shade during the day, such as by a tree or tall building. Keep in mind that if your park under a tree try to find one that doesn’t drop a lot of leaves, flowers, seeds, or pollen depending on the time of year to avoid making a mess of your car and potentially damaging the finish.

Garage Alternatives

If there are no good locations to park then you should look at parking options that will give you the same level of protection as a garage. This could include finding a nearby covered parking lot that has reasonable long term fees. Or you can buy your own carport, which is like an awning for your car that can be installed in a day. If you have room in your yard to park your car, then investing in a carport can be the right call, especially since it gives you an outdoor place with extra shade when you’re not using it. 

Car Care

Because not having a garage exposes your car to the elements, it’s good to make sure that you take good care of it to help protect it. Regular car washes will keep dirt buildup from hurting your paint job. You should also get your car waxed every once in a while because it makes it easier to clean and protects the paint job all while giving your car a shiny look. Lastly, you can look into getting an alarm system for your car and your property to discourage theft.

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