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How to Prevent Break-Ins

Homeowners ought to take every step possible to protect their home. Part of this process includes preventing break-ins. The concept of an unwanted intruder in your home makes people feel immensely uncomfortable, and for good reason. You should be able to feel completely at ease in your home, without having to worry about intruders with larcenous or even violent intentions. With this in mind, here are our tips to help you prevent break-ins.

How to Prevent Break-Ins

Looking for ways to prevent break-ins? Here are a few ideas.

Lock Doors and Windows

This tip may go without saying. But a majority of break-ins can be avoided simply by taking care to lock doors and windows. This is especially relevant when you are away from home, but it’s your best practice to do so when you are at home, as well.

Invest in Security Fencing

Does your home have adequate perimeter protection? Security fencing is one of the foundations of residential security. But most residential fences simply don’t cut it. We’re not saying you should invest in something so unsightly as razor wire near your home. But some wrought iron or even vinyl fences can be far more secure, and with little compromise in terms of aesthetics.

You might also want to consider a ‘living fence.’ Try planting thorny plants around your property. Even if it’s impractical to plant and maintain a hedge, you could plant them at the foot of windows that might be a possible break-in point. A few suitable species to plant include Trifoliate orange (Poncirus trifoliata) and various raspberry (Rubus) species.

Install a Surveillance System

These days, home surveillance systems are all the rage. They have become a surprisingly affordable and convenient way to amplify your safety and to protect your belongings at home. You can even view these cameras’ feeds in real-time on your smartphone. This can do wonders for your peace of mind when you’re on vacation or at work.

People have raised some privacy concerns about these affordable surveillance systems. It’s up to you to be a responsible consumer and do your research before purchasing one.

Armed with these tips, we feel confident that you’ll be able to prevent break-ins to your home. For questions about how break-ins impact your homeowners insurance, we’re here to help.

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