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How to Prevent A Laundry Room Fire

Home insurance is an important part of protecting your home, but equally vital is to make sure you do your part to prevent dangerous accidents that could damage your house and raise your rates. Many people don’t realize that the laundry room is full of fire hazards, and laundry room fires are more common than you might think. But with a few simple tips, you can protect your home from a laundry room fire.

Follow the Instructions

Since different types of clothing have different care instructions, you should always look at the labels. Some clothing items that contain synthetic material, like polyester, need to dry at lower settings or they might be in danger of combusting. And you should always check if your clothing might contain plastic or rubber which could melt and damage your dryer.

Clean Out the Lint Catch

Every dryer has a compartment that is designed to collect excess lint. Simply cleaning out the lint regularly will go a long way to preventing laundry room fires. You would be surprised at how easily the lint catches fire when a dryer reaches high temperatures. Many homeowners who forget to clean out the lint catch let the lint build up to the point of clogging the dryer which creates an even worse fire hazard.

Check Your Laundry

The best warning signs that you could be in danger of starting a laundry room fire is in the laundry itself. Sometimes as a dryer gets older it will start to overheat your clothes. You know that properly dried clothes will come out of the dryer pleasantly warm and toasty. But if you notice that your laundry feels unusually hot and you haven’t changed anything in your laundry routine then it could be time to have your dryer checked.

Watch Out for Other Flammables

For most homeowners, a laundry room can turn into a catch-all for miscellaneous household items, like cleaning supplies for example. You should check to make sure that your aren’t storing anything flammable too close to the washer and dryer. There are many chemical cleaners that are highly flammable, such as aerosols in air fresheners. And make sure that you don’t let rags pile up beside your dryer, and even dust can contribute to starting a fire.

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