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How to Keep Your Home Safe for the Holidays

There’s no time quite as hectic as the holidays, and mishaps are expected. But with the right precautions, including checking your home insurance policy, you can have more peace of mind this season.

Holiday Fires

The instances of fires increase significantly over the holidays, especially because of parties. There is always the risk of burning the Thanksgiving turkey, and even your Christmas tree can be a big fire hazard. That is why it is important to prepare a fire plan, both to deal with and prevent fires before the holiday madness sets in. Make sure that your guests stay out of the kitchen unless they are helping you cook, and it’s vital to invest in a kitchen fire extinguisher. As for the rest of your home, make sure that none of your outlets get overloaded. Between Christmas lights and people charging their phones, it’s something to keep an eye on. It’s good to talk to your insurance agent about your fire coverage in your home insurance policy. 


It’s no surprise that crime rates go up during the holidays. That is a combination of the many valuables on display in houses as well as people leaving their homes unattended for several days while visiting family. If you are traveling this year, then you should make protecting your home a priority while you’re away. Fortunately, there are many great security systems available at a reasonable price to prevent break-ins. But it doesn’t hurt to have a house sitter regularly check in on your property.

Stolen Gifts

Of course, at the top of the list of items targeted by thieves during the holidays is gifts. If you’ve ever had the horrible experience of being robbed of your Christmas gifts for the family, then you know what an infuriating experience it is. But you don’t have to let a thief ruin your Christmas this year. The easiest way to guard against theft is by keeping your gifts out of sight. That means covering them up in the car or putting them in the truck while you’re Christmas shopping. Also, a good trick for if your family gets a large, expensive gift, like a TV, is to cut up the box it came in and put it in a trash bag. Many people don’t realize that putting their large box on the curb is telling potential burglars that they make a good target. But most importantly, you should consider adding coverage for your expensive gifts into your home insurance policy.

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