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How to Cover Your Home Insurance Bases

Here are some often-overlooked assets that may need additional home insurance coverage.

Especially now, your home is the most valuable possession, and that is why protecting it with home insurance is key. However, not all home insurance policies are alike, and it’s important to make sure that your current policy is giving you enough coverage. Here are some often-overlooked assets that may need additional home insurance coverage.

Flood & Sewage

Many home insurance policies do not include specific coverage for flooding, even if it had to do with the home plumbing. Especially with the intemperate weather in the Maryland area, getting flood coverage might be something you should discuss with your insurance agent. Likewise, you might also want to add coverage for a sewage failure because the sewage system is a central part of keeping your home running smoothly and if the sewage line breaks, it is expensive to remediate.

Personal Items

Another thing that should be included in your insurance policy are specific personal items. These items can be valuables such as jewelry, or irreplaceable family heirlooms. Sometimes, you can even get coverage for your pet. Having insurance coverage for your personal belongings is a good way to safeguard against loss from something like a burglary.

Disaster and Inflation

Home insurance coverage might apply to some disasters, such as fires, but it’s best to talk to your insurance agent and make sure. Often people use their home insurance to help with their mortgage. But, something else to consider is a policy that has built-in protection against inflation. As prices tend to rise over time with the changing economy, it will be a big help to have coverage that will not decrease in value.

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