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Homeowners Insurance and Holiday Parties

Homeowners Insurance and Holiday Parties

Double check your homeowner’s insurance policy to make sure you don’t unintentionally violate it while preparing for and hosting a holiday party.

The holidays are full of fun, light, and good cheer. But even while you’re celebrating, you can’t forget about keeping your home and family safe. Double check your homeowner’s insurance policy to make sure you don’t unintentionally violate it while preparing for and hosting a holiday party. Here are some easy tips to follow this holiday season so that you can enjoy your celebrations to their fullest extent.

Pay Attention to the Oven

One of the most important parts of any holiday party is providing plenty of food. Whether you are having guests bring their own dishes as part of a potluck or you want to wow everyone by showing off your cooking and baking skills, you need to make sure you practice some basic safety in the kitchen. Pay attention to what’s on the stove and what’s in the oven. The holidays are when kitchen fires happen most often because homeowners are distracted. Any fire-related incident, even a small and relatively easy-to-contain fire, can also affect your home insurance.

Allow Others to Help

One way to avoid kitchen fires and other home insurance disasters is to allow others to help you. Have guests bring food and drink items that you know they can prepare in advance and make it a hit at your next holiday party. Also ask family members and friends to come over in the days before the party to help you clean, decorate, and cook in the kitchen. You may have heard the saying that “many hands make work light”; well, in this case, it is true.

Keep Kids Occupied

Your children can get into mischief when you are distracted by party planning and preparation. Your extended family and group of friends are likely to bring their own kids, too. It’s important to keep the kids from getting bored so that they don’t wander into rooms or areas where it is unsafe for them to be, such as in the garage or backyard, without adult supervision. Plan activities and games for them, and provide toys and books that can keep them entertained. Plus, with the rise of video streaming services delivered through the Internet, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a movie that everyone in attendance can enjoy.

Get in Touch with Wachter Insurance

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