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Home Insurance Tips: Preparing for Winter Weather

Home Insurance Tips: Preparing for Winter Weather

Is your home ready for some wild winter weather? Here are some helpful home insurance tips for ensuring that your house is ready.

Although the weather outside is chilly enough, winter isn’t here just yet. Is your home ready for some wild winter weather? More importantly, how prepared is the exterior of your home? Here are some helpful home insurance tips for ensuring that your house is ready.

Start with the Following Steps

The end of fall probably brought with it plenty of damaging weather that did a number to your roof. Watch these signs of roof damage and other types of damage to your exterior, such as:

Loose shingles: Are there any shingles missing from your roof? Maybe you still have all of your shingles, but some have come loose. In that case, get loose shingles fixed as soon as you can. Once the snow starts to settle on your roof, your weakened shingles might not be able to withstand all of that pressure.

Puddles: Puddles are another problem that only gets worse once winter arrives. Pools of standing water can find their way into your foundations and cause them to start cracking.

Blocked gutters: When gutters are blocked, you could find yourself with ice dams. Ice dams will form barriers on the edge of the roof that prevent melting ice and snow from draining away.

Be Proactive

Snow Removal: Part of being proactive is to be ready for when the first real snows start to fall. That said, you should have any snow removal scheduled well ahead of time. Even if you plan on enlisting family members to help you clear off the driveway so your cars can get in and out, sometimes all the snow piling up in the road can present a dangerous obstacle that is too much for you to handle.

Buy Firewood: One of the biggest winter hazards is a power outage. You’ll still need light and heat if this situation happens to you, so you might just need to buy firewood from a local supplier. After all, you might not live in an area where you can easily walk into the woods behind your home and cut down trees to harvest your own firewood.

Salt the ground: Ice and snow buildup can be dangerous to anyone about to come inside from the cold. Be sure that the sidewalks and driveways around your home are adequately salted to prevent excessive ice build-up.

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