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Home Insurance Regarding Deck Safety

Since your deck is a part of your property, it’s also important to consider how its condition might affect your homeowner’s insurance.

It’s getting about time to enjoy more days outside. And if you have a deck in your backyard, it can be the perfect place to relax and have some fresh air. However, there could be some safety issues lurking that you should look out for. And since your deck is a part of your property, it’s also important to consider how its condition might affect your homeowner’s insurance.

Tripping Hazards

When you have a wooden deck, it’s easy for the boards to start warping under the wrong conditions, like bad weather and high moisture. That means that the boards could start to bulge or curve up in certain areas, which will create a lot more tripping hazards. An unsafe deck is a real liability, and it might even affect your insurance. To avoid this, make sure that you keep your wooden deck in good condition. Have it repaired where needed and consider giving it a stain or waterproof seal to help it last longer. Also, check the condition of your deck stairs to make sure they aren’t uneven or coming loose. With wood decks, you’ll also need to be careful of walking on splinters, so avoid going barefoot unless you know it’s safe.

Check the Handrails

Handrails are a must for deck safety, especially when going down the stairs. First, if you don’t have handrails on your deck, you should invest in some. But, that said, handrails only offer safety if they are in proper condition. Check the nails or screws that are securing your handrails to make sure that they aren’t loose. You don’t want you or your family member to put their weight on the handrail unless it’s sturdy. If your handrails feel too wobbly, then you can try tightening the screws. But chances are, they might need to be replaced.

Structural Support

The most important and most overlooked part of your deck is its supports. The beams that hold up your deck are responsible for keeping it stable and in one piece, while also supporting the weight of anything that’s on top of the deck like furniture and people. Since the supports are under the deck, it can often be out of sight and out of mind. But there could be a lot of things, like water accumulation and pests, that could weaken the integrity of your deck’s structure. Depending on how high off the ground your deck is, a collapsing support structure could be a life-threatening danger. But no need to panic. You can easily grab a flashlight and check under your deck yourself, or better yet call a professional to give it a look and make sure that everything is secure.

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