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Home Insurance Questions: What About a House Sitter?

Home Insurance Questions: What About a House Sitter?

If you’re planning to hire a house sitter, then you might have questions related to home insurance about it.

Let’s say that you want to go out of town until winter ends. Whether it’s someplace warmer or someplace you’ve never been before, you might not feel comfortable leaving your house completely unattended. This is even more anxiety-inducing when you have pets. If you’re planning to hire a house sitter, then you might have questions related to home insurance about it.

Do You Need One?

When you’re hiring a house sitter for the first time, make sure it’s someone you can trust. Notify your home insurance provider that you are authorizing someone else to stay in your home, especially if the trip ends up taking longer than a few days. This can help resolve misunderstandings with neighbors and authorities. If you have pets and children who need someone to look after them, then you should have a house sitter. If you want your house to be more secure, or you would feel better if someone was there, then that’s another reason to find a house sitter.

How Do I Find One?

Now that you’ve decided you need a house sitter, you might be wondering how to find one. Luckily, the Internet has made fulfilling these needs much simpler than in years past. Word of mouth still counts, so start by speaking to friends and family members to see if there is anyone they recommend. If you have no luck there, then use online websites to find the right fit for you.

How Do I Make Sure They’re the Right Fit?

Now that you think you’ve found the right candidate, you need to test them out. After all, if something happens while you’re gone – property is damaged, destroyed, or stolen for instance – then it can make your home insurance rates go up. An overnight visit weekend housesitting assignment are two smart ways to see if they will meet your expectations. It’ll also give you a solid chance to make sure they know where everything is in case of an emergency, and you can answer any questions they might have.


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