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Holiday Home Safety: Keep Your Insurance Premium Low

Tis the season for sleigh bell ringing, carol singing, and enjoying quality time with family and friends! The holiday season is well upon us, and many people will be putting up beautiful decorations to celebrate. But when those beautiful decorations include candles, as they so often do, you potentially put your home at risk for fire damage. In order to avoid any danger and keep your home insurance premium affordable, follow these holiday safety tips for dealing with lit candles!

Candle SafetyPrevent Fire Damage With These Candle Safety Tips

Candles make a lovely addition to your festive décor, but unlike glittering ornaments and satin ribbons, they require a little extra attention to ensure that they are safe. First and foremost, know that if you are going to have candles lit in your home, you should only light them in occupied rooms. An unattended candle might fall over or catch something nearby on fire and cause thousands upon thousands of dollars in fire damage- all which might have been prevented if you had simply kept an eye on it!

Another holiday home safety tip for dealing with candles is to ensure that they are kept out of reach of children and pets. Even if a child cannot reach a candle, having it on a table that they might easily bump into is just as risky. Your insurance premium could skyrocket if you have a fire in your home that was caused by your own negligence; keep candles where only adults have safe access to them.

Also regarding the placement of your candles, remember that nearly 56% of home candle fires are cause by a candle catching light on something that was too close to its flame. No matter how pretty a candle may look sitting next to an evergreen sprig or paper snowflakes, know that these combustible materials could easily catch on fire and thus pose a high rise to your holiday home safety. Keep candles away from areas with many combustible materials.

Keep your home insurance premium affordable when you follow these candle safety tips this holiday season!

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