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Getting Married? Answer These Insurance Questions First

Getting Married? Answer These Insurance Questions First

Before the wedding, make sure you answer these insurance questions first.

Your wedding day is one that will be filled with excitement as you have spent your entire life looking forward to it. Before you can get married, there are a few things you have to take care of first: the invitations, the seat assignments, and picking a caterer. However, these aren’t the only things you need to handle if you are getting married, like giving your insurance agent a call. There are also several insurance-related questions about your upcoming marriage that you need to have answered before the big day. So, before the wedding, make sure you answer these insurance questions first.

Do We Need Separate Coverage?

When you talk to your insurance agent, you will learn that you and your future spouse will no longer need separate coverage once you are married. Once you are married, keeping both of your cars in the same garage and living under the same roof, you can consolidate your insurance coverage into one shared policy between the two of you. Now you can streamline purchasing and handling insurance policies by simply putting both of your names on one, single policy instead of each having your own and dealing with it independently.

Do I Need Life Insurance Now?

When you get married and then start a family with your new spouse, it’s time to invest in a life insurance policy. Life insurance is a necessity for a growing family and married couples as it will help protect the loved ones in your home during the unfortunate time of an unexpected death. Your life insurance can help cover expensive hospital and funeral costs in the event of an untimely death, and in some cases, even provide you with additional funds to help take care of those in your house as they recover during this hard time.

Do We Need to Insure Our Rings?

Engagement rings are valuable because of what they symbolize, and also because of how much they cost to buy. It would be incredibly unfortunate to have your ring stolen or to lose it, but if it is insured, it will make the situation somewhat better as you can at least be compensated for your loss. Have your ring appraised and insured just in case anything happens to it.

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