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Essential Steps to Take After Witnessing a Car Accident

Here are some steps you should keep in mind in case you ever witness a car accident.

Whether it is a fender-bender or major collision, people have been taught the protocol for what to do if they are in a car accident. But it can be a lot more common for you to witness a car accident instead, in which case you might not be as prepared. When you witness a car accident, it can be tricky to know how to help or if you should get involved. Here are some steps you should keep in mind in case you ever witness a car accident.

Safety First

Many people don’t realize how important the initial reaction to a car accident is. It’s likely for witnesses to get into another accident themselves if they are distracted. When you witness a car accident, it’s important that you focus on your own safety before you try to help. Make sure that you are pulled over in a safe place and, if you have to cross the street, don’t forget to watch out for incoming traffic.

Call the Authorities

You should always call 911 after a car accident, even if it didn’t seem like a serious one. The police can help document the incident, and they will know how to proceed, whether that involves calling a tow truck or an ambulance.

Secure the Scene

While you are waiting for the authorities to arrive, it’s important to make sure that everyone else is safe. Talk to the victims in the crash and ask them if they are alright. If they appear injured, don’t try to move them unless they are in a dangerous situation. Also, if you have any road cones or flares, you can place them to direct other vehicles out of the way of the accident. Keep in mind when using flares to check that there aren’t any gas leaks on the ground before you light them.

Take Pictures

Even though you weren’t directly involved in the accident, it’s a good idea to take pictures of the scenes and the cars. This is especially helpful if some of the victims of the crash were taken to the hospital and unable to take photos themselves.

Leave Your Information

Since a car accident is unexpected, it usually interrupts you on your way to somewhere. That means that sometimes you can’t stay and wait for the police to arrive, like if you have to go to work, for example. In those cases, the best thing to do is give the people involved in the accident your contact information. If they need to file a claim later, they might call you as a witness.

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