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Creative and Safe Ways to Dispose of Your Christmas Tree

dispose christmas tree

Why dump your Christmas tree on the curb when there are so many other creative ways to dispose of your tree?

Roughly 20 to 30 million live Christmas trees are bought by Americans every year. After the holidays, it’s time to dispose of the tree. Many cities have curbside pickup schedules for disposing of Christmas trees. However, if you’d like to get creative with your Christmas tree, there are ways that you can dispose of it that will ensure that it doesn’t just end up in a pile with hundreds of other forgotten trees.

  • Fish Feeder. Do you live by a pond? If so, you can simply sink your Christmas tree into the water. The tree serves as a shelter and feeding area for small fish and is generally good for the ecosystem of the pond. Just make sure that you have permission to do this if the pond is not on your property!
  • Prevent Erosion. Many Oceanside communities use Christmas trees as debris to create sand dunes. Over time, sand accumulates over the trees to create sand dunes that help to protect Oceanside towns. You can also line hiking paths in the woods with shredded Christmas trees, as the debris helps to keep the soil from the paths from eroding.
  • Goat Food. If you are a farm owner who has goats, you can feed your Christmas trees to them! Goats actually love eating pine trees, as the coarse pine needles contribute to their diets of rough and coarse foods.
  • Outdoor Firewood. Never, ever burn your Christmas tree in an indoor fireplace or woodstove. Pine trees catch fire easily and can quickly burn out of control. However, if you have an outdoor fire pit, you can easily and safely dispose of your Christmas tree by burning it! The burning pine makes pleasant crackling noises and dispels a nice pine aroma as it burns. Again, check your local zoning laws and make sure you have permission to do this first.
  • Mulch. Some municipalities chip and shred trees, creating mulch that you can use later in the year. You can use Christmas tree mulch on your garden in the spring, or you can use it now to create a protective winter bed for your outdoor trees. Check your local recycling center to see if they offer this service.

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