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Common Hazards for Pets at Home

Pets are a cherished part of our lives, and important members of the family. While you may have shielded them carefully from summer hazards like from searing temperatures in the car, but your pets aren’t free and clear yet. Here are some ways to make certain to protect your pets from the unforeseen perils in your home.

Window Screens

When the weather warms up, you might likely want to open your windows to enjoy the breeze in your home if you want to save on air conditioning. It’s important to make sure that your window screens are sturdy and in good condition. Especially on the second floor of your house, you don’t want your pets to lean against the window screen and accidentally fall through. Getting new window screens can also keep annoying bugs like mosquitoes from sneaking inside.

People Food

Many pet owners disagree about whether it’s appropriate to feed their pets leftovers from the table. Whichever side you agree with, it’s critical to remember that many foods are safe for humans but dangerous to animals, specifically dogs and cats. Chocolate is a popular example of harmful foods, but onions and garlic, as well as avocado and some nuts, are equally dangerous. If you want to give your pet a treat, it’s best to go with those specifically made for them. Otherwise, you should always double-check with your vet or at least an internet search before giving your pet any people food.


Likewise, if you have a garden, there can be some plants that aren’t safe if eaten by your pets. Many types of flowers, such as lilies, for example, are even poisonous to pets. Plants aside, many common garden pesticides are also potentially harmful. The best way to protect your pets if you have a garden is to make sure they aren’t around the garden without supervision.

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