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Common Causes of Boating Accidents

It’s approaching November, but we’re still enjoying some weather that is nice enough to go boating. As a boat insurance owner, we’re sure you are no stranger to the importance of boating safety. Most people are familiar with the hazards of car accidents. But what about boating accidents? The truth is that they occur with disturbing regularity, and are mostly avoidable. With this in mind, here are some of the leading causes of boating accidents.

Common Causes of Boating Accidents

Most boating accidents are avoidable. Here are some boating safety tips.


Many people use an excursion on a boat as a carefree to spend their weekend or holiday. This is understandable, but do not forget that driving a boat while under the influence is unacceptable. Alcohol use accounts for at least one fifth of boating accidents, and accidents in which alcohol was involved tend to be deadly.

The blood alcohol content limit for drivers of boats is the same as with automobiles—.08%. But as a rule, the driver of a boat should not consume alcohol until the excursion on the water is through.

Distracted Boating

Who hasn’t heard a great deal about the hazards of distracted driving? There may be some truth to the notion that driving a boat typically requires less of our attention than driving a car. But it’s crucial to remain vigilant at all times, and not to give in to distractions.

Boating does have a tendency to be more celebratory in nature than your morning commute. But do not let distractions such as cell phones or your passengers divert your attention from your route.

Hazardous Weather Conditions

A placid morning can give way to violent weather in the evening. Weather is impossible to predict with certainty. But boat operators should go out of their way to develop a decent sense of the day’s weather forecast, compiled from multiple sources—especially if they are a way’s away from the dock. After all, the weather can turn foul fast, and you don’t want to get caught out on the water in a storm.


Speeding is just as great a hazard to boaters as it is to motorists. In fact, it could even be worse. On the water, it can take more time to control your vehicle than it does to stop most cars. In addition to endangering your own vessel, you’re also endangering others by speeding in your boat. In addition to the threat of collisions, you could end up causing a rollover or being a victim of one yourself. And if your boat does collide, you stand at a greater risk of throwing yourself or your passengers overboard when traveling at a high velocity.

Boat insurance is a great layer of security in case the unthinkable happens. But it is not a preventative measure; that lies in your hands. If you keep the above hazards in mind, you can greatly reduce the risk of boating accidents.

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