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Car Insurance Questions: When Can My Child Ride Up Front?

Car Insurance Questions: When Can My Child Ride Up Front?

Your child’s safety in the car should always come first. Here are some car insurance-related factors to consider.

Making a move to the passenger seat is something every child is excited for. Perhaps it is seen as a step towards adulthood, like a rite-of-passage, but pop culture has built up the front passenger seat as something to envy. Your child’s safety in the car should always come first, regardless of their enthusiasm. Knowing when it is safe for your child to sit up front depends on several factors, especially when you are thinking about car insurance. 


While there are other opinions, the Center for Disease Control recommends that no child under the age of 13 sit in the front passenger seat of a car. This age is determined based on a variety of factors including the average size and weight of a child of 13 years of age. The average figures allow the CDC to determine how a passenger seat belt will fit on the statistically probable child. Think about how much your child has grown, because the age factor may not be the best way to judge if they are ready for the front seat.  

Seat Belt Fit

If the seat belt of the car does not fit your child correctly the risk of injury in an accident is much greater than it would be if they were in the back seat. With this in mind, regardless of age, seat belt fit should be taken into consideration. The age-13 rule should be honored even if your child fits in a front seat belt earlier. If after 13 your child is still too small to fit a seat belt, it will benefit them to stay in the back seat a few more years.


When an airbag is deployed, it explodes out at almost 200 miles per hour. Thus, an airbag can cause injury to a person of any age. In many instances, an airbag deploying can cause fairly serious injuries. If your child is riding in the front seat the risk of injury due to an airbag is even higher. So if a child must ride in the front, the airbags should be disabled.  

Local Laws

Regardless of size, fit, and airbags, the final say in whether or not your child is ready to sit in the front seat often comes down to local laws. State regulations on when children can sit up front differ state to state. Some rules are age-based, while others rely on weight or height. Double check your local laws and car insurance policy before you buckle up.   

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