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How Do Blizzards Cause Home Damage?

As the entire Mid-Atlantic region prepares for an exceptionally snowy end to the month, homeowners throughout the area are left wondering what effects these winter storm systems could have on their property. Home damage caused by blizzards can be severe and difficult to repair, so it is important to know whether or not certain kinds of damages are going to be covered by your home insurance policy. Read on to learn more about winter storm home damages and how you can ensure your policy will protect you.

blizzard-home-damageTop Home Damages Caused by Winter Storms

Blizzards are known for their heavy amounts of snow, ice, and strong winds. Separately, these three things can cause some serious damage; together, they can be even more destructive.

Snow, when it accumulates on rooftops or other structures, can weigh them down and eventually cause them to collapse inwards. A caved-in roof is also something you may have to contend with if snow builds up on a tree branch and causes it to break off, falling down on top of your house. You should discuss this kind of risk with your insurance agent and discover whether or not you are covered. You can also take preventative measures, such as pruning overhanging trees, to help keep your home safe.

Ice can prove risky no matter where it builds up. Ice on your walkway, driveway, or front porch creates the chance of slipping and falling. Ice in your rain gutters can build and build until it forms a dangerous ice dam. Salting your surfaces and taking preparatory steps to deal with ice before a blizzard hits can go a long way towards keeping your home safe.

Winds, especially the strong winds associated with blizzards, can wreak havoc on your home. If objects become airborne in heavy winds, they could strike your home, damaging the siding or even shattering glass. Talk to your insurance provider about protecting yourself from home damage expenses with an effective, comprehensive policy.

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