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Auto Insurance Tips: After a Car Break-In

Auto Insurance Tips: After a Car Break-In

Auto insurance can protect you in almost situation that affects your car.

Auto insurance can protect you in almost situation that affects your car. Most of the time, however, you expect that protection to kick in after a traffic collision or a flat tire. What happens if you discover that your car has been broken into? Let’s find out.

Make Sure You’re Safe

First of all, after spotting a break-in, it is most important to make sure that you’re safe where you are. Most of the time, a vehicle break-in takes the form of a quick smash and grab, in which the windows or windshield are destroyed to allow quick access to anything inside the car. Look for people who are acting suspiciously as you go in and out of your home or a store. Sometimes someone might even be creeping up to your vehicle, but will quickly flee if they see you coming. Occasionally, however, there will be situations in which you feel unsafe. If that’s the case, find a safe place to wait while you call for assistance.

Prevent Identity Theft Headaches

If you find that your wallet is missing, it can be incredibly scary. When your personal information goes missing, it leaves you exposed to potential identity theft. Get in touch with your bank immediately to let them know what has happened, and report your cards as lost or stolen. Plus, your bank can help you find out if any fraudulent activity has taken place on your account.

Contact the Police

When you call the police, don’t use the emergency number right away. All you need to do is report an incident. Making a valid report can help the authorities keep track of a crime wave, and also give you something you can show to your auto insurance provider if you need it.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

Lastly, be sure to contact your auto insurance provider. This is because you need to speak with an agent to figure out what your next step should be. Any physical damage should fall under the comprehensive coverage policy for your vehicle, but that won’t protect your belongings that were already taken. Your things would fall under the purview of home or renters insurance instead.

Get in Touch with Wachter Insurance

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