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Auto Insurance and Power Windows: What Parents Should Know

Auto Insurance and Power Windows: What Parents Should Know

What should parents know about their car’s power windows when it comes to auto insurance?

Even though we are now several days into the new fall season, warm temperatures continue to stick around. Going for a long drive in what still feels like summer can be a fun way to bond with your kids. But what if you have the windows down, especially if they’re power windows? In that case, there are a few things you should know, especially when your little ones are in the backseat. While they might not understand how important auto insurance is, here are some safety considerations you shouldn’t overlook.

Power Windows Are Powerful

Just how powerful are power windows? When they roll up, they can pack anywhere between 30 and 80 pounds of force. However, it only takes 22 pounds of force to harm an infant. Whether that harm comes in the form of an injury or suffocation, both are consequences you want to avoid at all costs, especially since any incidents such as these could affect your auto insurance. How much does it take to roll up a power window? Only two pounds.

Some Switches Are Safer

All cars made from 2006 on will have a newer type of window switch that is much safer to operate, and much less prone to accidents. But vehicles built before 2006 will have different switches instead. Let’s learn more about them:

Rocker switches: These switches are rectangular, and move the windows up and down depending on which part of the switch you press.

Toggle switches: Unlike rocker switches, which work by being pressed up and down, toggle switches only move the windows when they are pushed forward or pulled back.

Take a Look

One simple way to prevent any unfortunate accidents is to simply take a look behind you before rolling up your power windows. If you make sure the children are safe, there shouldn’t be any problems.

Prevention is a Great Help

If your car has a lock on the backseat window, then we highly recommend that you use it. Also, you should teach your kids to not play with the switches or poke their heads, necks, arms, and hands out of the windows, whether or not the car is moving.

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