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4 Advantages of Renting for First-Time Renters

4 Advantages of Renting for First-Time Renters

Renting can benefit you, but how? Here are some advantages of renting for you to consider.

Everyone reaches a life milestone at a different pace, whether that accomplishment is graduating from college, getting a car loan, or purchasing their first home. While your friends from school are proud homeowners, you might not be there yet. Renting can benefit you, but how? Here are some advantages of renting for you to consider.

It’s Not As Confusing

Closing costs are not the only costs you’ll have to pay when you are looking to own a home. There are other factors, such as determining the terms of your mortgage, how much money you need to pay upfront, and the length of your stay. Your starter home may be a small townhouse that will be enough for the first two or three years of your homeownership, but what happens when your family grows, and you need more space? In that case, getting a larger home would be the solution. However, when you are renting, you won’t have as many decisions to make or questions to answer, and it is much more affordable to rent.

More Affordable Utilities

Another reason that renting is much more affordable is that your utility bills will be much smaller. An apartment or condo will not be as large as a house, so in theory, you won’t need as much heating, cooling, electric, or water usage.

Easier to Clean

Another perk of renting is that you will have a much easier time cleaning. When your in-laws are coming to visit next weekend, it is much less nerve-wracking to have to spend an afternoon cleaning as opposed to an entire weekend, or a full week, depending on how much cleaning you need to do, and the size of your home.

Maintenance is Handled

When you own a home, you’re entirely responsible for all of the repairs it will need. You might know what you’re doing, or your spouse and even your kids can help out around the house while learning something. But when you rent an apartment, most of the regular maintenance is taken care of by your landlord. You most likely won’t have to worry about landscaping concerns such as lawn mowing, mulching, and tree care, either.

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