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3 Ways to Prevent Identity Theft

Unfortunately, identity theft is more common than it should be. It can be scary and infuriating to think that a total stranger would steal your information and use it to spend your money and take your benefits. But there are a few things that you can do to protect yourself from identity theft.

Be Safe on the Internet

The reason that identity theft is on the rise is because the internet, social media, and new technology, in general, makes it so much easier for people to hack and steal information. You should always make sure that you have secure passwords, and that you update these passwords at least once a month. A secure password will be one that’s hard to guess, so not the name of your pet, and it should be sprinkled with numbers and odd characters to make it even more difficult to copy. Another way to protect your identity is to limit how much you share online. Do your online profiles give away specifics like your birthdate, middle name or maiden name, and other things that someone could use to set up a fake account? And avoid logging into your bank account over less-secure networks, such as public wifi.


Stop Property Theft First

Often people have their identities stolen simply because someone took their wallet or an important document first. So preventing identity theft starts with protecting your property. Upgrade to a theft-proof wallet that is harder to snatch from a purse or pocket and comes with a signal-blocking shield to protect your credit card from hackers. Try to opt to avoid using your PIN, and be extra careful to cover the keypad if you have to enter your pin. Invest in a paper shredder to get rid of all your unneeded documents, even if they’re junk mail. Remember that, in most cases, thieves are opportunists. If you leave yourself vulnerable, then you are more likely to attract theft.

Add Identity Recovery Insurance

For many homeowners insurance policies, you can add coverage for identity theft. Identity recovery insurance will take care of the costs of resolving any issues from identity theft and services for managing your case. That way, in the unfortunate event of your someone stealing your identity, you won’t have to worry about the expenses from an identity thief running up your credit card bills.

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