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How to Disaster Proof Your Business

Friday, September 30th, 2016
natural disaster business

Make sure that you are fully prepared for when disaster strikes.

Did you know that 40 percent of businesses do not reopen after a natural disaster?

The recent flood in Ellicott City absolutely devastated several of the town’s prominent establishments. The city had seen floods before, in 1972, 1952, and earlier. However, the flood of 2016 was designated by the National Weather Service as an “off-the-charts” thousand year rainfall. Many business owners who lost their businesses in the flood found that their flood insurance did not cover everything they thought it did. To make sure you’re prepared for the next flood, hurricane, or storm, follow these steps. (more…)

What is Personal Catastrophe and Liability Insurance?

Thursday, March 5th, 2015

When it comes to finding the right insurance policy, you have to take into consideration every eventuality. Accidents happen each and every day, resulting in property damage, personal injuries, and serious expenses. In the aftermath of an accident, with all of these things to worry about, the last thing that you want to consider is whether or not you or a family will be sued for their involvement. To protect yourselves, personal catastrophe and liability insurance is one of your best options. Read on to find out more!

personal-catastrophe-liability-insuranceWhy Do I Need Personal Catastrophe and Liability Insurance?

There are many advantages to be had by purchasing personal catastrophe and liability insurance. Rather than leaving you at risk for financial ruin, personal catastrophe and liability insurance gives you the support and “cushion” you need to protect you from a wide variety of accidents, from car crashes to home incidents.

More Benefits of Personal Catastrophe and Liability Insurance

-Personal catastrophe and liability insurance can give you extra coverage that can be used if a lawsuit is filed against you for an accident you’ve been involved in. Personal injury claims from another party, for instance, could be covered by this type of insurance.

-This liability policy can also be used to pay for damages incurred during a car accident in which you are the at-fault driver.

-If someone visiting or simply crossing your property is injured, you could be liable. Personal catastrophe insurance will cover the damages and protect you from further liability.

Protect Your Financial Future with the Right Insurance Policy

By investing in personal catastrophe and liability insurance, you can greatly increase your chances of surviving the financial toll an accident can take on your family. If you are judged to be at fault for an accident, the consequences could be severe. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable- get in touch with your insurance provider today to talk about your liability coverage options.

Wachter Insurance- Personal, Home, and Auto Insurance

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What is Umbrella/Catastrophe Liability Insurance?

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Property insurance.Sometimes, things are completely out of our control. For example, you could be at fault in a car accident or something similar and end up injuring someone who is very important and has a lot of money. When an accident occurs, you never know who is going to emerge from the other car. Sometimes the lawsuits that are involved with accidents can mean a big payout on your part. Chances are, if you are involved in an accident with the CEO of a big company, you won’t be able to afford the million dollar lawsuit that comes with it. This is what umbrella / catastrophe liability coverage is for.

Umbrella coverage does three main things for you in case of an unforeseen accident:

  1. Additional lawsuit coverage – Lawsuits can get extremely expensive, especially if you rent a boat or something overseas and end up crashing that boat. In the case of many different types of accidents, umbrella / catastrophe liability coverage can save you from incredibly high lawsuit costs.
  2. Additional defense coverage – If you choose to hire a reputable defense lawyer, it can cost you upwards of $100,000. Umbrella / catastrophe liability coverage will cover most additional defense costs so that you’re able to adequately have your case argued in a court of law.
  3. Liability not covered by normal insurance – Some things happen that your insurance just doesn’t cover. Rare events or things that aren’t necessary under most insurance coverage plans can be covered under umbrella / catastrophe liability insurance so that you’re never blindsided by an unfortunate event.

While you may think that umbrella / catastrophe liability coverage is an extra, unnecessary type of insurance, you should remember that no one can predict the future. The world is out of our control and there are times when things happen that can completely alter the course of our lives. If you happen to get into one of these situations, you’ll be able to take a deep breath of relief, because you know that you’ll be able to handle just about anything thrown at you. Learning all of the ins and outs of umbrella / catastrophe liability coverage can be a daunting task; at Wachter Insurance Agency, we will discuss any benefits or drawbacks of purchasing coverage before you make a decision.

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