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How Life Insurance Protects You Through the Years

Friday, April 28th, 2017
life insurance

Life insurance offers protection for every member of the family.

It’s easy to put off purchasing life insurance when you’re young (or feel young), since life insurance seems like something designed for people with children or grandchildren. However, that definitely isn’t the case! Life insurance is designed to protect you throughout the years, from just starting out on your own through the final stages of life. How does life insurance protect you through the years? (more…)

The Biggest Springtime Pet Dangers

Friday, April 21st, 2017
springtime pet dangers

There are pet dangers that come with spring. Make sure your pet is safe!

Spring is the time when we and our pets can finally get outside, stretch our legs, and take in the beauty of the earth coming back to life! While flowers come into bloom, springtime pet dangers crop up as well. Make sure your pet is safe by keeping an eye out for these common springtime pet dangers. (more…)

Can Self-Driving Cars Eliminate Distracted Driving?

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017
self-driving cars distracted driving

Are self-driving cars the solution to distracted driving?

Whether you’re asking the general public or Wall Street, self-driving cars seem to be the way we will get around in the future. Many people are hoping that self-driving cars will be able to eliminate (or drastically decrease) the major issue of distracted driving. Will self-driving cars be able to transform the way that we drive forever? (more…)

6 Reasons to Get Life Insurance, Even If You’re Single

Friday, April 7th, 2017
single life insurance

Even if you’re young and single, you may still want to purchase life insurance.

Most young people don’t worry about purchasing life insurance. In fact, the age at which life insurance is purchased is being put off longer and longer. This is because many of the rites of passage associated with life insurance–such as starting a family or buying a home–are happening later and later for today’s young people. Despite all this, there are many good reasons you may want to consider buying life insurance, even if you’re single. (more…)