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The Basics of Homeowner’s Insurance

Friday, May 29th, 2015

For first-time homeowners, the prospect of obtaining homeowner’s insurance can be an overwhelming one. What is and is not covered? How much coverage do you need? How much does good homeowner’s insurance cost in the end? All of these questions and more can plague a first-time homeowner. Luckily for them, Wachter Insurance has compiled a list of essential must-know facts about homeowner’s insurance for beginners to know. Read on to find out what they are!

What Does My Homeowner’s Insurance Policy Cover?homeowners-insurance-basics

1.) Exterior and interior damages. Your homeowner’s insurance policy will cover not only damages from natural disasters (i.e., hurricanes, storms, and lightning), but also from man-made disasters (i.e. fires and vandalism). Some types of damages, such as those that are caused by flooding, are not always covered by a standard homeowner’s insurance policy, so be sure to discuss this with your insurance agent.

2.) Loss or damages to your belongings. Home insurance, in addition to covering your home itself, also often covers the things within your home. Your furniture and appliances, your clothes and electronics; they are all typically covered under a good homeowner’s insurance policy. Discuss your insurance options with your agent to ensure that every belonging you need covered is covered appropriately. (more…)

True or False? Common Insurance Claims Questions

Friday, May 22nd, 2015

When it comes to filing an insurance claim, you may have heard some seriously mixed messages. There are many common misconceptions about insurance claims that make people feel hesitant about pursuing them and prevent them from getting the help that they need. Are you wondering whether anything will stand in the way of your insurance claim? Read on to learn more!

True or false: Insurance claims can be overly

False. A quick and simple resolution to your insurance claim may be what you want, but is it what you will get? Typically, processing an insurance claim can take different amounts of time depending on the specifics of your case. The general rule of thumb to predict how long the claim will take to settle is that the smaller the loss, the shorter the amount of time before your claim is resolved will be.

True or false: Filing an insurance claim is a complex process.

False. While filing an insurance claim may involve a few different steps, with the help of your insurance agent you will be able to navigate the claims process effectively and efficiently. A little challenge should not deter you from pursuing a valid claim and getting the help that you need.

Insurance claims, while they can seem intimidating at first, are essential to pursue if you are in need of assistance. Get in touch with your insurance agency today to learn more about filing an insurance claim of any kind. (more…)

Homeowner’s Insurance Tips: Don’t Forget These Projects!

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

In order to keep your homeowner’s insurance costs reasonable, it is important to keep up with different low-level maintenance projects around your house. Though these projects may seem simple, in the long run they will go a long way towards keeping your home in good condition and, subsequently, your insurance policy in good condition as well! Read on to find out what home projects you should take on this spring for the sake of your homeowner’s insurance policy.

What Home Projects Help My Homeowner’s Insurance Payments Stay Affordable?homeowners-insurance-home-projects

1.)    Check out exterior issues. Overhanging tree branches, clogged gutters, and leaky roofs can all lead to expensive damages in your home. Invest in tree trimming services, clean out your gutters, and repair any missing shingles or panels on your roof in order to prevent these kinds of damages from occurring.

2.)    Inspect your water heater. An overused water heater can begin leaking, or even burst, causing excessive damage to your home. Your water heater should be replaced roughly every 10 years to prevent this kind of thing from happening; it is a worthwhile investment!

3.)    Clean your furnace filter. Your furnace filter, if left untended, can lead to a house fire, so be sure to clean it regularly and have it inspected as necessary. (more…)

Will Car Insurance Pay Even If You Aren’t Driving?

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

To run to the store, to pick up a family member, to get to work one morning: no matter what their reason is, if a friend asks to borrow your car, chances are you will say yes without thinking twice about it! But this friendly behavior could come to have some negative consequences; your friend may get involved in a car accident behind the wheel of your car. So what happens in this situation- are you liable? Will your insurance pay even if your friend was the responsible party? Read on to find out.

Car Insurance Protocol When a Friend is Behind the Wheel?Car accident insurance payments

The majority of car insurance policies apply to the car more so than the person driving it, which means that your car insurance will most likely pay even if a friend is involved in a car accident in your car. Permission, however, plays a role in this sometimes. If a friend drives your car without permission, this could affect how your insurance company views the claim.

Will A Car Accident I Am Not Involved in Affect My Insurance Rate?

Your car insurance rate is based partially on your driving history. While a car accident involving your friend may not technically be a part of your driving history, the record of the accident does in fact go on your record and it can, consequently, affect your insurance rate. If you are concerned about a potential insurance rate increase, discuss your questions with your insurance agent to see what your policy specifies. (more…)