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How to Handle a Car Accident

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

auto accidentAccidents happen. We never see them coming and we never want to be a part of them – that’s why they’re called accidents. In those cases when they happen and there’s nothing that you can do or it’s not your fault, you need to know how to handle the situation so that everything gets taken care of promptly and properly. We know that tensions can run high after an accident and it can be difficult to stay calm and collected, but it’s an important first step in making the process as simple and painless as possible. Follow the checklist here for the best ways to handle the aftermath of a car accident.

Steps to Take After an Auto Accident

  1. Assess that no one is hurt. This is the most important thing to after an accident. If anyone is injured or worried about possible injuries with a delayed onset, that problem needs to be addressed immediately. Call 911 and report the accident. Be sure to request an ambulance as well if anyone involved has sustained an injury.
  2. Move to the safest area possible. If you can’t move to safe area, do everything that you can to announce your presence. Turn your hazards on, put flares out if you have them, and be sure that you’re focusing on your safety as well. Avoid stepping on to a busy road if you can. If you can’t, wait for a lull in traffic.
  3. Call the police. If you’ve already dialed 911 for an ambulance, this is irrelevant. If you haven’t, you should immediately call the police. They’ll be able to file a report for you that will help determine fault and make the process of filing claims with your Frederick insurance agency much easier. The more information all parties can provide, the better.
  4. Get all of the information. Take down insurance information from the other party as well as the name and number of the officer present, the location of the accident, the time of the accident, license plate numbers, and the makes and models of the vehicles. Document everything that you can think of, both written and photographed.
  5. File your claim. You can either file the claim directly from the accident or after it happens. We recommend that you file your claim as soon as you can to get the ball rolling on repairs and more. We know that you just want to put the whole situation behind you. The best way to do that is to make sure that you present all of the information as soon as you can.

Frederick Auto Insurance

If you’ve been in an accident, you want to know that you’ve got a strong, hardworking group of people behind you to help you get through a trying and difficult time. When you’re ready to start discussing car insurance with your Frederick insurance provider, we’re here to help. You can call us at 301.371.6335, visit our website, or drop by our Middletown, Maryland office to schedule a personal and informative appointment.

Important Back to College Knowledge for Your Frederick College Student

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

college studentMillions of students are getting ready to head back to school. That means back to the books, back to dorm rooms, and back to (possibly) living hours away. As a parent, you can probably think about a million different thinks that can go wrong when your student goes off to college this fall – especially if they’re a first timer. There’s no reason to stress, though. You just need to read up on a few things and remember to relax. People do this every day! We’ve got some useful insurance information for you as well as some good tips to send them off to school with!

Does my Insurance Extend to my Students when they’re in School?

You’ll be happy to know that while you’re student is staying in a dorm room, most insurance policies will cover their possessions in the case that they’re either lost or stolen. It’s a good bit of information to know, especially since students have a tendency to take expensive items with them to school. Most policies will cover students up to age 24 automatically. If your student is over 24, he or she may need to take out renter’s insurance or something similar to make sure that they get the same coverage.

Speaking of renter’s insurance, if you’re student is living in an apartment off campus rather than in a dorm, her or she will likely need to take this insurance out on their own anyway. While your homeowner’s insurance may cover them outside of the house, you’ll want to be sure that all of their belongings are safe and covered. Now, on to some important tips for your student!

Tips for Keeping Property Safe

  • Create an inventory – As soon as your student moves into their dorm, they should take an inventory of everything of value that’s there. Take a picture, write down the value, and hold on to receipts. Passing this information on to your student can help both of you save money and headaches in the long run.
  • Have electronics engraved – Aside from being a way to personalize expensive electronics, it’s also a good way to help police identify stolen goods. If they see something in a pawn shop or find someone with the item that you’ve described with the exact inscription, you’re more likely to get your item back.
  • Safeguard and lock things – Your student should always have the door locked, whether in the dwelling or out of it, for his or her safety as well as for the safety of all of the things in the apartment/dorm. They should also make a point to keep anything of value either locked up or with them when they leave the dorm or apartment building.

Homeowner’s Insurance from Wachter Insurance Agency

If you’re not sure what is covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy, or if you’d just like to discuss your policy, you should give your Wachter insurance agent a call. We can help your college student have a safe and protected year at school and put your mind at ease! You can call us at 301.371.6335, visit our website, or drop by our Middletown, Maryland office to schedule a personal and informative appointment.

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Why Life Insurance is Important for Recent College Grads

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

life insuranceIf you’re like most recent college graduates, you’re probably sitting on a lot of loan debt right now. In fact, the average loan debt for college graduates is estimated to be around $29,400, but it can top out to over six figures. The problem is that not going to college isn’t really an option in today’s society. Getting a decent paying job almost requires you to have a degree from a higher education institution. This student loan debt can cause more problems than just a high repayment back by students, though. In the case of an untimely death by someone who owes loans and has a cosigner, the cosigner could then become liable for thousands of dollars’ worth of student loans.

How Can Life Insurance Help?

Considering life insurance is always tough, whether you’re 20 or 50. You never want to think about leaving your loved ones behind to carry on without you, but the unfortunate fact is that it does happen. The only thing worse than considering leaving your loved ones is leaving them with your debt. It’s a good idea for students and recent graduates to look into life insurance for that reason. There are a few options to consider if you’re thinking about taking out a life insurance policy post-graduation.

  • Term life – This type of life insurance is something that you carry for a specific number of years rather than indefinitely and the prices can be fairly low. As a student or recent grad, you know how many bills you’re already dealing with. Term life insurance is usually inexpensive and will give you peace of mind. Plus, it’s possible to convert your term life insurance policy to a permanent one later on in life.
  • Permanent – At a young age, permanent life insurance can seem daunting, but it’s not a bad idea to talk to your insurance agency about a permanent life insurance policy. You’ll be more comfortable knowing that you’re putting money towards it for life. Putting money into the policy for the duration of your life will ensure comfort for your loved ones after you have passed.

Life Insurance from Wachter Insurance

When you’re ready to start discussing life insurance with your Frederick insurance provider, we’re here to help. you can call us at 301.371.6335, visit our website, or drop by our Middletown, Maryland office to scheudle a personal and informative appointment.

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What to Look for in Small Business Insurance

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

small business insuranceBeing a small business owner is no easy feat. You’ve got all of the normal business obstacles to overcome with a smaller budget than most businesses. Owning a small business can be expensive, time consuming, and require a lot of hard work and effort – but if you’re dedicated to your business, it’s usually worth all of it. You want to make sure that your business and your employees are protected in case of an event that’s out of your control. You need to make sure that your insurance coverage matches your small business needs – and yes, your needs will probably be different than those in big businesses.

  • Insuring your property – You’ll want to make sure that everything that you use for your business is insured, from your inventory to your building, to any types of documents that are important. Make sure that you’re insuring all of your company property to keep yourself safe and to ensure that you’re going to make money rather than losing out on it in the future. Your insurance agent will talk to you about how to insure your property and what everything should be insured for.
  • Liability insurance – Liability insurance helps keep you safe from lawsuits and some natural disasters. Having a strong liability policy will help you to keep your business safe from people who attempt to file lawsuits just to get the extra money. You’ll need to talk with your insurance agent to decide exactly how extensive your liability coverage needs to be. It’ll depend on the size of your small business, your number of employees, and more.
  • Auto insurance – If you have a vehicle that you use for company purposes, or if you have a fleet of vehicles for your company, you’ll need to get specific insurance and make sure that it also covers your business needs. If you have employees that drive company cars, you’ll need to make sure that they’re insured on your policy as well.

Small Business Insurance from Wachter

Remember that small business insurance exists to protect you and your company assets. It’s an important step in having a successful company. You’ll want to talk to someone about insurance as soon as you get your company up and running. Don’t hesitate – accidents and problems can arise at any time. Talk to your Wachter Insurance rep ASAP for more information. If you have any questions about small business insurance, or if you’d simply like to talk to a representative, please feel free to contact us at 301.371.6335.

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